Monday, 25 January 2010

What are you wearing???

Such an interesting question, one that usually elicits a less than savoury response from the masses. In this instance, and in line with my 'lets try to keep this clean' policy I set in my first post, this question is not to be interpreted in that context.

So why am I asking? Well, I ask for one simple reason; because it gives me an excuse to let you know what I am wearing, which is THE biggest smile!

I guess you could say that I had, what most people would call, a quiet drink with friends. I call it a breakthrough.
You see, not only did I (once again!) muster up the courage to go sit in a public place. I actually managed it without feeling the need to cover my face with a scarf. OK, if I want to be completely truthful I totally felt the need to cover my face. But the important thing is that my face was completely uncovered the whole time!

Well done me! I really am giving myself cause to be proud lately.

Tonight was about so much more than just going for drinks with friends. Tonight could represent the start of something. Tonight could represent the start of my new life. I want to go places, I want to meet people. I want to have the confidence to meet people!
Tonight more than ever, I honestly feel that my 'return', if you will, is imminent. However, I'm not kidding myself. So many times I have felt this good only to have it thrown back in my face (quite literally the face) But right now I'm on cloud nine!

So I've reignited my dream, for now. My capacity for learning is far from satisfied and I have always longed to go into further education. Is university my calling? Even a local establishment that I don't even have to move to?

I do hope so.


  1. Of course you're wearing the biggest smile :P filth! haha xx

  2. i felt a new beginning too sweeti, strangely because you were like your old 'haggis' self :) love, love xxxxxxxxxxxx