Wednesday, 27 January 2010

The bus theory...

So you wait, for what seems like a lifetime, for a bus that clearly isn't going to turn up. I'm not speaking metaphorically here, I was actually waiting for a bus.

Isn't the theory supposed to be that you could wait an hour for a bus and then two would arrive together? Please believe me when I say that even that would've been a blessing today. But no, an hour after arriving at the bus stop there was still no bus to be seen, despite the signs insisting that their 'service' ran every 15-20 minutes.
Needless to say that eventually I gave up waiting and walked half way to work before catching, what can only be described as a very questionable, alternative driven by a polish man with the blackest moustache I have ever seen.

Diamond Buses received a complaint for making me late for work :)


Don't you think that it's amazing just how you can't let some things go? Even when you thought that you had such a long time ago. It just takes one moment. To realise that someone from your past is feeling uncertainty and perhaps even pain reignites something. I don't know what it is. Is it a flare of guilt? For helping walk you down the path that has ultimately lead you to this point? Maybe.
Is it an ache to know that you're OK even though I'm too scared to really ask? Yes. And All I know for certain is that I feel your pain when you feel it, even if I shouldn't. I wish that only I could feel it, I wish that I could wish your troubles away.

I've put a word in with the big man upstairs. When my time on this beautiful planet is done I will be your guardian. I'm guessing they will have to give me some sort of training but I think I would make a splendid guardian, criminal record aside.

...I am certain you're bus will turn up....

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