Wednesday, 20 January 2010


...Uncle Anxiety has managed to get a key, I'm not sure what door this key opens, clearly I have some kind of emergency exit somewhere that isn't being used in line with standard emergency procedure. Therefore, I have today made a conscious decision; I'm changing the locks and this time there will be no spare keys. Unfortunately Uncle Anxiety is going to have to sit out in the cold. Now if only I could find that door....

I'm not a disciple, and you are not Jesus.
So why are you preaching to me?
Its boring.

I say this not out of lack of respect for you, but because my ears are exhausted from hearing the 'right way to live YOUR life'. The fact that you have made the life choice to travel somewhere to live for an extended period of time, partially supported by the taxes that I contribute, is indeed a life experience, but does that give you the right to question my choices? Each to their own my friend. We are all equal in this world;
Never look down on anybody unless you're helping him up.

For now I think the lid should be placed, and sealed, firmly on that can of worms. After all, they don't taste too good.

Do you believe in luck? Some people say that they don't and that they make their own luck. To those people I say that you have to believe in luck to make your own. Myself, I'm still undecided as to whether luck, or the lack of it, is distributed fairly across mankind. I would hazard a guess that it most certainly isn't. Those brave souls in Haiti each deserve a medal just for braving each sunrise at the moment.

It almost seems selfish to think about what I consider a problem after reflecting on the tragic circumstances in Haiti, but this is still my space. I'm allowed to be a little self indulgent here.

Since I was Seventeen years old I have been plagued. Every year, maybe not as regular as clockwork, but at least as regular as the earth orbits the sun, he's just always there. He is not my friend and I don't wish to see him anymore, regardless of how I know I deserve this, all of this. Please leave me alone....
...Old Uncle Karma.

Don't you just hate it when the annoying members of your family come to visit?

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