Thursday, 27 January 2011

Making lightning...

So, right now, in this very moment, as these words fall from my head. What do I feel? It is so difficult to explain. I feel...electric; as if every single insignificant spark of electricity that has ever bolted from my mind has returned to me. I have been recharged.

Over the past week the grades were published for the three assignments I submitted towards the end of last year. Owing to the fact that my presence had not been felt in a classroom or lecture theatre for around six years, I had fought my natural instincts and convinced myself that passing would be enough - at least until I had found my feet, academically speaking.

I am so happy with the grades that I have earned:

British Press - First Class.
Research & Development - First Class.
Theory and Practice - 2:1

THIS is why I am starting to believe in myself; after making the start that I have, I owe it to myself to believe! THIS is exactly what I was repeatedly told that I am not capable of;

THIS is what would make my grandfather proud.

For only the second time in my life, my eyes filled with tears of happiness, tears that smiled their way down a face that has frowned too often.

In hindsight, maybe there are no 'insignificant sparks'? Because every ounce of electricity that has ever bled from me has led me to here; to where I make lightning...

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