Sunday, 24 January 2010

Gentleman's Headbutt.

Despite the time shown at the bottom of this blog, which I believe to be the current time over yonder in the USA, I am actually writing this at 02:00am exactly. Normally that wouldn't be important but the real time has relevance to this post.

You see, my friend just returned home from, what sounds like, an epic night of alcohol consumption! The kind of night I miss. Mainly I can't understand a single thing that he's talking about, not that I ever really could anyway! Sometimes he just likes to talk, which results in some very interesting conversations!

Typically CJ (I don't actually call him CJ, I'm just abbreviating for the sake of this blog) will play numerous drinking games on his merry outings. Tonight was no different. He has just described to me a game called 'Gentleman's Headbutt'. Sound interesting? Well if you would like to play the rules are ever so simple;

2.WHEN YOU SAY YOU'VE HAD ENOUGH (or when you get brain damage) YOU'RE OUT.

Still want to play?

OK, so I really have no interest at all in bruising the inners of my skull, but hearing CJ talking about his nights out really makes me wish I was there with him, partly for the actual fun of having a night out. But mostly because I would like to see him.

Over the years I always noticed that I never really managed to fit in with guys, they always seemed uncomfortable around me, or unsure of me. A lot of them openly didn't like me. But not with CJ. I can still remember the first words we ever said to each other outside the science room of 7JR. Instantly I liked him. Little did I know then that 10 years later he'd be the only person on the planet with a penis that really understood me..or even slightly understood me.

I'm lucky enough to know a few people who I describe as my best friend. But because he is the only member of the male species yet to turn his back on me, I guess he's special.

Basically, what I have just done is capture several paragraphs of complete nonsense, when all I really want to say is...

I miss my best friend.


  1. Aww :) tell him and arrange some nights out! Why don't guys like you/get on with you?

  2. I don't know? It's always been the way...

    And something tells me he knows how I feel :)

  3. Well I thought we got on... I now know it's all a lie. I shall never bother you again Hag-Bag

  4. LMAO Mister Bennett yoo are still brand new to me! And I only ever see you at work!

    We need to change this my man! I need to add more penis to my list, as inherently incorrect as that sounds :)

  5. Well if you wouldn't offer to do them stupid midnight shifts on payday of all times...

    We shall change this my man. Man dates are called for... is that sentiment I smell?

  6. You got my penis bro.

    Ok, that does sound slightly wrong, but you know what I mean


    Andy :)